SEMAPA receives the BBCA label for a nursery school

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On December 3 at the Arsenal Pavilion, Sandrine Morey, Director General of SEMAPA, received the BBCA label at the 4th BBCA Forum. This event, dedicated to low-carbon buildings, brings together project owners, project managers, politicians, journalists and personalities from the sector working to reduce the building sector's carbon footprint.

The nursery school at 96 rue Jeanne d'Arc is the first public facility to receive such distinction. The building obtained the BBCA label for the design phase in December 2018 and for the construction phase in December 2019. Indeed, from the programming phase, SEMAPA wanted a modern and comfortable school equipment but also low in energy consumption and carbon impact.

This new nursery school, which opened its doors to local children on September 2, 2019, is built of bricks, wood and straw. Its construction is innovative and ecological. The use of bio-sourced or recycled materials has been sought in all trades in order to reduce the building's carbon impact: wood in floor structure, in facade structure, load-bearing wall and exterior cladding; brick for covering masonry areas; straw for façade insulation and recycled glass for roof insulation. The optimization of external and internal contributions and the bioclimatic design of the building make it a low-energy building. The heating requirement is reduced to a minimum (<15 kWh / m² / year).

Finally, the school's landscaping project (Volga landscaping workshop) meets the objective of ecological continuity. The different terraces take shape like a succession of gardens. This nature brings well-being and promotes biodiversity.