Joint accelerator startups from Schneider Electric and Microsoft transform Europe's energy sector with artificial intelligence

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In the last half of 2019, 6 startups of the AI Factory for Green Energy acceleration program received human, technological and financial support from Schneider Electric and Microsoft. On January 9, 2020, they were pitched during a Demo Day at Station F (Paris) to present the solutions developed.

To accelerate the transformation of the energy sector in Europe through artificial intelligence (AI), Schneider Electric and Microsoft launched in July 2019 a call for projects to startups working on improving the prediction of energy consumption and use through learning, energy optimization, and database services for buildings.

The jury had then selected the following applications to integrate the accelerator:

  • Accenta, which is developing a low-carbon heating and cooling system for buildings using geothermal heat storage and AI.
  • BeeBryte, which is working on automatic, real-time control of heating and air conditioning equipment as well as batteries and charging stations installed in buildings.
  • Craft AI which provides an API to quickly deploy and manage decision trees.
  • Meteo Swift which provides tools for forecasting solar and wind energy using AI, by cross-referencing the data collected with weather data.
  • Eco-Adapt which presents a complete predictive maintenance solution for rotating electrical machines.
  • Smartive, which imagines intelligent platforms to improve the operation and efficiency of the wind energy market.

In order to develop their projects and increase their skills, the six startups received support from Innovation at the Edge, Schneider Electric's structure for innovation in a different and more collaborative way, for technological and business coaching by the Group's employees. They also received support from Schneider Electric Exchange, the digital, open, cross-sector ecosystem dedicated to solving concrete sustainability and efficiency issues. Finally, they were able to use Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform.

Schneider Electric is delighted with the benefits of this acceleration program, as Rodolphe Heliot, Director of Incubation at Schneider Electric, testifies:

Schneider Electric is pleased with the success of the AI Factory for Green Energy program developed jointly with Microsoft, our long-time technology partner. It demonstrates not only the vitality of the European energy startup ecosystem, but also the value of partnering with a corporate partner to generate innovation faster. We are convinced that it is through such collaborations that we will provide our customers with new and innovative answers to today's energy and environmental challenges.
Rodolphe Heliot