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Highlighting of Elogie-SIEMP's climate air energy plan

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On the occasion of its wishes for the year 2020, Elogie Siemp presents a preview of its climate, air and energy plan. 

This project was built with the support of Alterea, bringing together employees, a college of experts and representatives of tenants' associations.

Eolgie Siemp's climate plan was unanimously adopted by its Board of Directors on 19 December 2019.

Why implement this climate plan?

Elogie-Siemp is strongly committed to the fight against global warming and sustainable development with a very ambitious heritage rehabilitation plan which foresees that 40% of the park will be rehabilitated by 2030, and a very efficient new construction policy.

Aware of the environmental challenges and its own responsibility as owner of 1.750 million m², project owner and social landlord, Elogie-Siemp has decided to go further and develop its own Climate Plan 2020-2030-2050.

This 1.5°C corporate strategy is in line with the objective of carbon neutrality and the achievement of 100% renewable energy in 2050, in accordance with the objectives of COP 21 and the Climate Air Energy Plan of the city of Paris. It is based on the UN's Sustainable Development Objectives (SDOs), adopted in 2015, which should serve as an agenda for Member States on a broad range of environmental, economic and social issues.

How was this climate plan implemented?

Elogie-Siemp, with the assistance of Alterea, a consulting firm, conducted a diagnosis of its situation with regard to all the SDOs to which it had committed itself in 2018 by signing the Paris Climate Action Charter.

This diagnosis made it possible to assess the company's maturity with respect to the objectives of COP21 and the City of Paris' Climate-Air-Environment Plan, to objectively identify its strengths and areas for improvement, and to learn from its experiences. It served as a basis for reflection to define the objectives and action plan, which were shared and discussed with all stakeholders.

Thus, a college of experts associating the cabinets of elected officials of the City of Paris (Environment, Housing and Accommodation, Urban Planning, Architecture and Economic Development), representatives of the City of Paris departments (DEVE and in particular the Urban Ecology Agency, DLH) as well as representatives of the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), the Paris Climate Agency (APC), the Paris Urban Planning Workshop (APUR) and Efficacity met for 2 mornings of work.

The representatives of the tenants' associations present on the Elogie-Siemp property were also brought together for a presentation of the diagnosis and an exchange on the main lines of the Climate Plan project. The professional partners of Elogie-Siemp were brought together on 2 occasions: the signature of the Charter "Elogie-Siemp Providers, all committed" on October 7, 2019 and the first Rendez-vous du Bâtiment on November 18, 2019.

Finally, Elogie-Siemp organised 7 meetings to exchange ideas with its employees at each of the administrative sites.