Franprix deploys France's first 100% electric 26-tonne truck

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Franprix is now adding France's first 26-tonne 100% electric truck to its fleet of delivery vehicles. Very quiet and non-polluting, this truck will ensure the daily delivery of fresh produce and fruit and vegetables to a dozen Franprix shops in the heart of Paris.

This new electrical solution is part of the pioneering approach initiated by the Casino group's brand 10 years ago to reduce pollution and deal with the difficulties encountered in bringing goods to the capital by road (traffic jams, delays or delivery delays).

This new electric truck completes the sustainable logistics circuit already put in place by the company for the delivery of its groceries to its Parisian shops. Since 2012, Franprix has been the first food retailer to deliver more than 300 shops in the heart of Paris by waterway. And 40% of the fleet has already been replaced by natural gas vehicles.

We were looking for a sustainable mode of transport for the delivery of our fresh produce, beyond the gradual replacement of our fleet with natural gas trucks. This solution enables Franprix to remain a pioneer in terms of responsible delivery and to take a further step towards reducing its carbon footprint and pollution in the Paris Region.
Christian Bens, Franprix Logistics Director

The brand has thus relied on the expertise of the carrier Jacky Perrenot, one of the leading companies in the goods transport market and a long-standing partner of Groupe Casino, and the manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus France.

A few figures :

  • First 26-ton electric truck;
  • Delivery over 6 days, from Monday to Saturday, just like a traditional truck, from the Gonesse warehouse;
  • 2 rounds / day, i.e. 10 shops delivered within Paris;
  • 20 tons of goods / day, i.e. approximately 38 pallets;
  • 120 km / day;
  • 45 T of CO2 saved / year vs. a thermal truck;
  • 65 dB of noise emission