Digital and environmental revolution: watch the Green Mirror series

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Natixis Investment Managers, the asset management company of Natixis, offers you a series of videos and interviews to travel to the heart of the digital and environmental revolution, through its new Green Mirror series.

Because many opportunities arise from the deepest upheavals, the Green Mirror series questions the ways to revolutionise financial investments.

Every week, its experts take stock of the world's trends and upheavals to explore together how to contribute to a better world.

So far, 5 episodes have been broadcast online:

  • EPISODE 1 | Behind the scenes

    By Philippe Zaouati, CEO of Mirova

    The social and environmental challenges culminate at the beginning of this millennium. We have our backs to the wall, facing up to our responsibilities...

  • EPISODE 2 | "A Moore"

    By Karen Kharmandarian, CIO of Thematics Asset Management and Alexandre Zilliox, Manager at Thematics Asset Management

    The exponential power of calculation allows artificial intelligence and robotics to transform all areas of the economy into deep. Is there a risk that humans will disappear in favour of algorithms?

  • EPISODE 3 | The Heist of the 21st Century

    By Matthieu Rolin and Frédéric Dupraz, Senior Managers at Thematics Asset Management

    With digital, our lifestyles are changing and making us more vulnerable. The attack surface for hackers is almost infinite and new protection solutions are becoming essential.

  • EPISODE 4 | The New Green Deal

    By Suzanne Senellart, Head of Environmental Strategy at Mirova

    Man's impact is a threat to the planet, its biodiversity, its resources and its climate. Our economic model is destined to undergo a profound transformation, with the generalisation of solutions in favour of decarbonisation and the preservation of ecosystems. Innovation is at the heart of the environmental transition.

  • EPISODE 5 | Journey into Troubled Waters

    By Arnaud Bisschop, senior manager at Thematics Asset Management

    Nothing is more vital than water... The evolution of our society and our consumption patterns are creating increasingly palpable tensions on the balance between water supply and demand. Our survival depends on the challenge of managing this natural resource.