The charter overview

By signing this charter, the partner is committed to supporting the Paris vision of a carbon neutral and 100% renewable energy city by 2050. It contributes to a more sustainable development of the capital by promoting a more fair and responsible low carbon economic model, preserving natural resources and adapting trade to climate change. It sets its commitment through 3 levels of involvement from membership to the project, to the development of a sustainable development strategy and the implementation of an operational climate action plan to 2030.

1st LEVEL :  silver level

The partner supports the vision of the City of Paris of a necessary paradigm shift to build a city model compatible with the commitments of the Paris Agreement. It overlights the importance of involving stakeholders in the strategic choices made by the City of Paris in the context of its new Climate Action Plan and guarantees his involvement in this dynamic. As Ambassador of Paris Climate Action Plan, the partner contributes to infuse low-carbon practices in the context of its activities, decisions making, investment and development of his company.


The SILVER level allows an actor of the territory to join Paris Action Climat without yet defining its level of ambition. It is an opportunity for a company that wants to structure its action, to share best practises and to interact with a network of actors mobilized on energy and climate issues. The signatory participates in partner club meetings and feeds on initiatives led by the City, his partners and other signatories. It is also a means of accessing the Paris Action Climat communities to work with actors of the same business line on the operational implementation of the climate action plan according to the specificities of his activity.

2nd LEVEL :  level gold

In addition to the commitments of the "SILVER" level, the partner contributes to the Paris carbon neutral roadmap and defines the scope of its commitment. He elaborates a sustainable development strategy 2030 and prioritizes his action by selecting the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) compatible with Paris Climate Action Plan. He adapts his business model and contributes through his commitment to the SDGs and identifies the relevant targets regarding his activity.

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The "GOLD" level highlighes ​​the partners who act for the climate protection and contribute to the creation of a post-carbon society. The charter proposes to them to structure their commitments by selecting the SDGs. A guide has been developed to enable a comprehensive reading of the SDGs regarding Paris Climate Action Plan framework. The SDGs are thus characterized according to their impact on the measures of the plan and are divided into 3 categories: structuring, aligned and complementary. For each SDG, the partner registers the qualitative and quantitative commitments he takes and reports on the associated achievements. The scope of the commitment includes all the activities of the partner even if some go beyond the Parisian scale. The fight against climate change is a global action that requires a global response. This is why the City of Paris intends to promote the action of its partners throughout the world and thus affirm the predominant role of non-state actors in the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

3rd LEVEL :  platinum level

As part of his sustainable strategy, the partner creates a 2030 operational climate action plan that includes mitigation, adaptation and offsetting measures in a carbon neutral perspective. It sets quantified targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the global carbon footprint of his activity. It must also fulfill the ambitions of the "GOLD" level.
By adopting its own Climate Action Plan at the "PLATINUM" level, the partner sets quantified and territorialized targets for its carbon impact. When achieving  its objectives or at the end of the commitment period, the partner sets new objectives or reinforces the level of commitment of the previous objectives until 2030.

The PLATINUM level rewards a company that sets itself the aim of achieving long-term carbon neutrality in accordance with the Paris Agreement and acquires the necessary means to achieve this objective. The first step is to have a greenhouse gas emissions balance report for its activity on the widest possible scope. Based on this mapping, the partner sets an operational objective to reduce its carbon footprint by 2030. The target can be defined on a shorter horizon but the partner commits himself to set a new target once the deadline is reached. until 2030. To reinforce its commitment and implement an operational roadmap, the partner adopts a climate action plan in accordance with its sustainable strategy defining the measures that will be taken to achieve the objectives set. This plan is monitored with indicators that are updated annually to report on the progress of the actions carried out.