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Since 2012, the City of Paris has been proposing to Parisian and metropolitan companies and institutions the opportunity to get involved in Paris Climate Action Plan by signing the Paris Climate Action Charter. As part of the win-win partnership between Paris and the Parisian stakeholders, the project guarantees the concretisation of the post-carbon city by seeking a balance between economic attractiveness and management of environmental impacts.

In 2018, with a committed community of 47 signatories, the Paris Climate Action charter is evolving to adapt to the commitments of the new Paris Climate Action Plan and to offer a more open and dynamic approach to Parisian businesses and institutions.


Paris Climate Action project, managed by the City of Paris and the Paris Climate Agency, involves actors in the Paris region through individual and collective action. Under the Paris Action Climat brand, there is a charter for individual commitment by companies and institutions, and sectoral communities to gather local stakeholders in the operational implementation of the Climate Plan.

The Charter

The new charter is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals for a better comprehensive reading of the issues for the companies and an operational translation of the commitments shared at the international level.

Designed as a label, the charter proposes three levels whose requirements are adapted to the commitment level of the signatories:


The Signatories Club


It gathers all the signatories of the charter and allows to create exchanges and synergies between the actors by crossing the different approaches according to their business line. The club meets annually: An annual Steering Committee is held at the beginning of the year, an opportunity to report the action of the past year and to set the outlook for the coming months. The signatories will share on this occasion their expectations on the tools to develop in the implementation of the charter and the topics they wish to address during the thematic meetings.

Thematic meetings are organized 3 to 4 times a year. These events make it possible to treat a subject related to the implementation of the objectives of Paris Climate Action Plan. They take place at one of the signatories premises and create a link between the actors. Each meeting includes the presentation of a project supported by the community and practical feedback from the signatories. The purpose of these meetings is to give partners the keys needed to implement their commitments on the major topics of the SDGs. Greening, energy savings, electric mobility, district cooling, ... all the major topics are adressed according to the expectations of the signatories and current news. The members of the club come to learn about innovative solutions, get contacts from service providers and especially to discuss with the project leaders about the difficulties encountered and the reproducibility of the actions.

The Ceremony


Every year, a signing ceremony is organized at the Paris City Hall. This event officially welcomes the new signatories and allows current partners to report on their achievements and access a higher level of the charter. This celebration also proposes to report on the work done by the different sectoral communities. A special moment for signatories and participants to contact the leaders of the communities and to register for upcoming events.

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A Responsible Commitment

Through the signing of this charter, the partner is committed to supporting the Paris vision of a carbon-neutral and 100% renewable energy city by 2050. It contributes to a more sustainable development of the capital by promoting a more fair and responsible low carbon economic model, preserving natural resources and adapting trade to climate change. It sets its commitment through 3 levels of involvement ranging from membership to the project, to the development of a sustainable strategy and the implementation of an operational climate action plan to 2030.

About us ?

Ville de Paris


By adopting, in 2007, its 1st Climate Action Plan, the City of Paris has been a pioneer city in the fight against global warming. To meet the challenges of the ecological transition, a new Climate Action Plan was voted at the Paris Council in March 2018. It defines the long-term vision to make Paris a carbon neutral city in 2050 and adapted to climate change. With over 500 measures in several topics (building, transportation, energy, food, waste, lifestyle, mobilization, finance ...), the new Paris Climate Action Plan is a concrete implementation of the commitments of France during the COP 21 and lead Paris to carbon neutrality. Regarding its action, the city of Paris can act on 20% of greenhouse gas emissions emitted on the territory, the remaining 80% require the involvement of all.

Agence Parisienne du Climat


The Paris Climate Agency (APC) was created in January 2011, on the initiative of the City of Paris and with the support of ADEME Ile-de-France, to support the implementation of Paris Climate Action Plan. It is the structure in charge for energy and climate issues for Parisians and economic actors. One-stop shop for the energy retrofittig of condominiums in Paris, the APC advisers help co-ownerships in their energy efficiency work. It is part of the network FAIRE that is intended to inform and advise individuals particularly on energy savings, thermal performance, financial assistance or the methodology of a renovation project. The APC is an independent association (law 1901) and multi-partnership. It brings together 90 members from different sectors: architects, urbanism, real estate professionals, banks, energy suppliers, landlords, developers ... The Agency works closely with its members , by favoring agile working methods and proximity with all players in the ecological transition. She manages the Paris Action Climat project alongside the City of Paris.