2 SRI Immobilier labelled funds for PERIAL Asset Management: the SCPI PFO₂ and the SCI PERIAL Euro Carbone.

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PERIAL Asset Management, an independent SCPI management company, is proud to announce that two of its funds have been awarded the SRI Label: its SCPI PFO₂ and its SCI PERIAL Euro Carbone. This label rewards PERIAL AM's longstanding commitment to integrating ESG criteria into its investment and management strategy.

The SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) label and its control plan, which came into force on 23 October, now includes real estate investment funds.

PFO₂ : the largest real estate fund to be SRI-labelled

The SCPI PFO₂ was created in 2009 out of a strong conviction on the part of PERIAL Asset Management: the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria at the heart of an SCPI's investment and management strategy is a value-creating, shared and sustainable approach. It is thus the first SCPI to have set itself ambitious targets for reducing energy consumption from the outset.

More than ten years after its launch, this commitment to the environmental theme has largely borne fruit: PFO₂ now has a capitalisation of more than €2 billion, making it one of the 10 largest SCPIs on the market: PFO₂ thus becomes the first SCPI in the TOP 10 to be labelled SRI*.

The SCPI reports on the effectiveness of its actions through a demanding extra-financial report. Like all the funds managed by PERIAL Asset Management, it deploys a global Responsible Investment approach, based on an evaluation grid of 60 Environmental, Social and Governance criteria on each of the 200 properties in its portfolio, i.e. more than 12,000 criteria that are constantly evaluated by the management company.

PERIAL Euro Carbone: first low-carbon SCI on the market and first SRI-labelled SCI

On the strength of its expertise acquired in environmental matters over more than 10 years, PERIAL Asset Management launched SCI PERIAL Euro Carbone (PEC) at the beginning of December, whose low-carbon strategy is made possible by actions to optimise, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions from the buildings that make up its portfolio.

In addition to making a significant contribution to the European low-carbon challenges, PERIAL Euro Carbone has a participative dimension by offering investors the opportunity to choose so-called "carbon offsetting" projects financed by the SCI. The amount of these offsets will reflect the greenhouse gas emissions calculated during an annual carbon balance sheet, which is communicated publicly. The low-carbon strategy and methodology have been co-constructed in partnership with recognised experts.

Obtaining SRI labelling for two funds we manage is a great reward for PERIAL Asset Management. We are a pioneer in environmental, social and governance issues in a sector where the stakes are high. We have built our investment and management strategies on strong convictions: taking into account the extra-financial dimension is essential to ensure the value of the assets we manage and to make our properties resilient. We are creating the responsible real estate of tomorrow today.
Eric Cosserat, Chairman of the PERIAL Group

SRI, a demanding label with key issues at stake

The SRI label should enable market players to demonstrate in a transparent and verifiable manner the positive and sustainable impacts of their management on the environment, on users and on the territory.

Financial and environmental performance is no longer decorrelated and meets a real demand from tenants and investors for more responsible investments. The SRI labelling of the PFO₂ and PEC funds managed by PERIAL AM is part of a more global approach by the PERIAL Group. At the end of October, the PERIAL Group unveiled its PERIAL Positive 2030 programme, which reinforces its CSR commitments and sets ambitious objectives for 2030.
Anne-Claire Barberi, Head of CSR and Innovation

In a global context crystallised around increasingly pronounced environmental, social and governance issues, the PERIAL Group is convinced that its CSR approach must structure all of its activities.

* Source IEIF: SCPI - Statistical analysis at 30 September 2020