This year CARBONE 4 has surrounded itself with leading experts to continue the methodological work of the Net Zero Initiative.

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The Net Zero Initiative project, initiated in June 2018 and led by Carbone 4 in collaboration with a dozen pioneering companies, and supported by a high-level scientific council, published in April 2020 its reference framework for organisations' contribution to carbon neutrality. This reference framework offers organisations a way to describe and organise their climate action in order to maximise their contribution to global and French carbon neutrality.

In order to pursue this far-reaching methodological development, Carbone 4 has surrounded itself with leading experts and set up two working groups, which will make it possible to determine, by the end of 2020, the CO2 emission avoidance and absorption targets that organisations must set themselves in order to contribute to the "right level" of global carbon neutrality.

The Net Zero Initiative standard considers that a company committed to neutrality must activate three levers in the fight against climate change:

  • The reduction of its emissions across its entire perimeter, both direct and indirect (induced emissions),
  • The contribution to reducing emissions outside its scope (avoided emissions), either through its products or via carbon finance.
  • And the contribution to developing carbon sinks (negative emissions), both within and outside its value chain.

From September until the end of the year, around forty climate experts from major French and international institutions, universities, NGOs, think tanks, companies and field project leaders will meet in two working groups to validate the Net Zero Initiative's guidelines on the rules to be defined on avoided emissions and negative emissions. The aim of this work is to define realistic and pragmatic objectives that will enable all types of organisations to direct their climate action in an ambitious and transparent manner, compatible with the global objective of carbon neutrality.

This methodological work will be followed by a publication at the beginning of 2021, summarising the recommendations adopted by the working groups, and thus enabling the Net Zero Initiative reference framework, which was published in April 2020, to be updated.