Worldline receives an "A-" grade for its first participation in the CDP assessment

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Worldline, European leader and major player in the payments and transactional services sector, announces that it has obtained an A- rating after the first assessment by the CDP disclosure. The CDP is recognized by investors as the reference in environmental awareness, governance and leadership to assess the commitment of companies in the fight against climate change.

The CDP rating is widely regarded as a reference for corporate environmental responsibility and transparency. We are delighted to have received an "A-" grade for our very first assessment by the CDP and this result motivates us to go even further and to increase our impact on all of our activities and our value chain. At Worldline, we are convinced that businesses have an essential role to play in the fight against climate change and we are committed to work with our different partners and our entire ecosystem to change the way we work and conduct our business.
Sébastien Mandron, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for the Worldline Group

Since the Paris agreement in November 2016, Worldline has considerably strengthened its efforts and actions to combat the effects of climate change. Through its climate strategy, the group is committed to implement all the necessary actions, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in order to accelerate its transformation towards a low-carbon business by reducing the carbon intensity and energy consumption linked to its activities.

As part of its TRUST 2020 program, Worldline has made the following commitments: 

  • Reduce carbon intensity by 2.67% per year
  • Use renewable energies for energy consumption 
  • Extend ISO 14001 certification to all of its strategic data centers and sites of more than 500 employees 
  • Achieve carbon neutrality for all group activities                            

Regarding these commitments, the CDP provides a score based on the disclosure of a company's actions. The rating is designed to stimulate the competitive spirit of companies in order to increase their ambition and encourage them to act in favor of sustainable development. This comprehensive exercise was an opportunity for Worldline to reassess and question its current climate strategy and action plan by adopting a quantifiable, financial and scientific approach to the environmental impact linked to its activities.

Thanks to this transversal approach and methodology, Worldline was able to better structure its ambition, strategy and environmental commitments, which define two tangible and long-term scientific objectives:

  • Reduce the intensity of the Worldline Group's GHG emissions by 2025 and 2035 compared to its projected growth
  • Encourage its 100 main suppliers to define objectives aligned with SBT themselves; covering scope 3 which is the most important for Worldline in terms of GHG emissions