World Water Day: "Choosing tap water means combining health protection and environmental action"

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World Water Day was held on March 22, an occasion to remind everyone that 1 in 3 people,  2.2 billion people worldwide, do not have access to clean water. In France we benefit from a secure supply and this is the case in Paris where Eau de Paris is mobilized to ensure the continuity of the water service. The effectiveness of the treatments is monitored in real time and the quality of the water is always subject to rigorous quality control.

Alban Robin, Director of Research, Quality and Water Development at Eau de Paris answers users' questions:

In this context of epidemic, can I continue to consume tap water, especially Paris water?

First, it should be recalled that no case of contamination by the coronavirus due to the consumption of water, whatever its origin - tap water or bottled water - has been reported to date. Paris water is safe and can be used without risk, with confidence, for all food uses (drink, meal preparation) as well as sanitary uses, including hand washing, a very important practice in this period of epidemic.

How is the quality of the water controlled?

The Regional Health Agency is responsible of monitoring the quality of the water. Eau de Paris also monitors it on a daily basis, using continuous analyzers and analyzes carried out in its accredited laboratory. On the other hand, for several years and therefore well before the current epidemic, Eau de Paris has set up research programs on the monitoring of viruses in water to ensure the effectiveness of the treatments implemented in its factories.

Does this period of confinement involve changing our habits?

If you already used tap water, no! Choosing tap water, it is avoiding trips outside the home to stock up, reduce shopping and limit plastic waste. A way to reconcile health protection and environmental gesture. For those who are bothered by the possible chlorine taste of water, note that it is enough to leave the water for a few hours in the refrigerator in a clean and closed carafe to eliminate this taste.