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"Together for the climate" is back with citizen plantation

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Following the "Together for the climate" initiative, some twenty citizen plantations are being organised throughout France with the Responsible Generation club, of which the French company Maisons du Monde is a member. How about getting involved with us?

In June 2019, the "Together for the climate" initiative invited the employees of the Responsible Generation club companies to make commitments in favour of the climate and to learn more about the challenges they have to face to reduce the impact of their activities. 16 brands, including Maisons du Monde, Truffaut, Intermarché and Nature & Découvertes, mobilised for this operation and collected more than €50,000.

A new step: planting trees

Following the success of this first operation, the business community "Ensemble pour le climat" and the association "Arbre & Paysage" are launching new missions throughout France to plant more than 5,300 trees on farms based on the agroforestry model. These plantations, open to all, began on 19 December 2019 and will continue until March 2020.

To participate, it's simple! Go to the microDON platform to find out the dates and locations of the next plantations. You can then register directly on the site, which will be updated as you go along.

Back to the first plantation

On 19 December, the Responsible Generation club brands travelled to Congé-sur-Orne, near Le Mans, to take part in the first citizen climate-friendly plantation. Here are a few pictures (which we hope will make you want to participate)!

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