SEMAPA has signed the Parisian territory contract "Water and Climate 2020-2024".

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SEMAPA, involved in all of its projects in an ambitious approach to water management, signed the Parisian territory contract "Water & Climate 2020-2024" on 14 January last.

It is a collective commitment to better water management and the protection of biodiversity made by the City of Paris, the Seine-Normandie Agency, the Île-de-France and Paris prefectures, as well as Parisian social landlords, developers and housing operators. 

This contract defines the priority actions to be implemented in order to meet two major challenges on the Parisian territory and the public domain of the City of Paris and Eau de Paris: 


  •  The management of rainwater at source and the management of urban wastewater;
  • The protection of aquatic and wetland environments.

Priority actions must therefore guide the design of SEMAPA's new operations (Bercy-Charenton, Bédier-Oudiné, Porte de Montreuil and Python-Duvernois):  

  • Disconnection of rainwater in public spaces and the creation or extension of green spaces 
  • The creation of OASIS schoolyards 
  • The greening of roofs / terraces