Schneider Electric unveils its label dedicated to products from the circular economy: Schneider Electric Circular Certified

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  • A circular product certification programme that is in line with Schneider Electric's circular economy strategy and commitments to sustainable development.
  • A label dedicated to the sale and promotion of products from the circular economy, launched by Schneider Electric in France
  • Certified products that offer the same functionalities and performance as the group's other products

Schneider Electric, leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, reveals a specific label for the sale of its products from the circular economy: Schneider Electric Circular Certified. Dedicated to products from several origins, including unsold, commercial returns, reconditioned and refurbished, this label formalises Schneider Electric's commitment to circular economy and sustainable development.

Schneider Electric deploys numerous initiatives and services to reduce its carbon footprint and that of its customers: extending the life of installations, reconditioning products, increasing the use of recycled plastic, certified or recycled packaging, etc. It is in this context that the Schneider Electric Circular Certified label dedicated to products in the circular economy was created. Today this label mainly concerns products from unsold, commercial returns, reconditioned, refurbished or end-of-market products, intended for craftsmen, electricians, manufacturers and equipment manufacturers. The group wishes to extend this labeling to products extracted from its customers' installations in order to enable their re-use under guaranteed safety conditions, by extending their life after a reconditioning operation.

Circular certified products have similar warranties to other products sold by the group and deliver the same performance and functionality at a reduced price. Schneider Electric has set up various channels to promote these products, such as donations to the Schneider Electric Foundation, its own needs, certain "Services" activities, and certain specialised e-commerce sites, where these certified products are now available.

Schneider Electric seeks to promote the circular economy by inventing products designed to last ever longer, and by offering operational services to extend their lifespan, allowing them a "second life", and ultimately guaranteeing their responsible end of life. Through the creation of this label, the aim is to bring together under a single identity our portfolio of offers linked to the circular economy. Our certification programme for circular offers serves our commitment to environmental excellence, aiming to do more with less. At Schneider Electric, we want to give everyone the opportunity to make the most of their energy and resources.
Xavier Houot, Group Environment Director of Schneider Electric