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Paris Climate Action Contact

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We are entering the sustainability revolution.
We rely on the leadership of Salesforce and France to implement environmental initiatives responding to the urgency of climate change and to create a low-carbon future in France. Our leadership leads the way and inspires others to follow. Together we can tackle this equality problem and secure a future for all.
Our program is to create a vast, lasting and systemic change, starting with robust strategies integrated into all French activities and operations. Salesforce France employees are our grassroots activists and inspire positive changes in their communities. We give them the tools and the inspiration to succeed as environmental ambassadors. We support our French customers in their environmental success.

Sustainable Development Strategy

1 No poverty
  • Salesforce supports with softwares and finances associations such as Refettorio in Paris, which is a welcoming restaurant for people in situations of exclusion and precariousness, by processing ingredients from surplus
2 Zéro hunger
  • Salesforce offers local and seasonal snacks and refreshments to employees and a juice machine rather than plastic bottles
3 Good health and well-being
  • Salesforce offers wellness and psychological safety workshops at work. A nurse is present at the workplace
4 Quality education
  • We regularly organize employee awareness sessions with external stakeholders (Brice Lalonde, Enercoop)
  • We work with an association « Le Carré Pédiatrique » to raise awareness on various themes, including sustainable development in schools.
5 Gender equality
  • Equality is one of the values ​​of Salesforce. We are a partner of Marie Claire's think thank for Agir pour l'Egalité. We participate in the Pride Walk
7 Affordable and clean energy
  • Salesforce is committed to integrate green building practices into its design, construction and operations.
  • Working for 100% renewable energy
  • We build our workspaces by respecting ecological building standards such as LEED, BREEAM and Green Mark
8 Decent work and economic growth
  • Salesforce ensures decent work for its employees in an inclusive manner.
  • The company is a “Great place to work” in France for 2 years
9 Industry, innovation ans infrastructure
  • Salesforce works for a carbon neutral target on these data centers
11 Sustainable cities and communities
  • A goal of replacing the plane with the train is a relevant alternative for journeys of less than 3 hours.
  • A car allowance rather than a fleet of company vehicles, which reduces the actual fleet of Salesforce
  • Salesforce works on green travel partners
12 Responsable consumption and production
  • Installation of an ashtray for recycling cigarette butts
  • Donation of computer equipment to associations
  • Actions to reduce packaging and waste with a "zero waste" approach for snacks
13 Climate Action
  • Salesforce has just released a solution to measure the carbon impact of its software
  • The objective is to be carbon positive on data centers
14 Life below water
  • Via volunteering hours (around 300 hours this year) we work with associations like Wings for the Oceans or Surfrider to clean up Mediterranean beaches and water points
15 Life on land
  • Salesforce offers its employees to volunteer, with the Earthforce group (internal environmental awareness group). In 2019 around 3000 hours have already been worked to help and promote the environment
  • Salesforce has also taken up greening permits in its neighborhood
17 Partnerships for the goals
  • Salesforce is a partner of the global climate action summit
  • Salesforce rethinks its supplier panel to make it more local, and respectful of the environment, especially for travel and food

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