The RIVP is mapping the energy consumption of its assets.

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RIVP has compiled all the energy consumption of all its buildings. With a view to improving the energy performance of its housing units, this information collection will enable the company to prioritise the scheduling of rehabilitation operations, objectively measure the impact of these works and also provide better information to tenants in terms of monitoring charges.

Between 2016 and 2018, as part of its approach as an innovative and responsible landlord, RIVP has experimented with a new tool for mapping and monitoring the energy consumption of its real estate developed by the start-up Deepki. This solution makes it possible, without the need for instrumentation, to automate the collection of energy bills for common areas and to integrate aggregate data from private areas in order to consolidate and improve the reliability of the energy consumption data for the building stock. Simple to use, serving tenants and energy performance, RIVP has transformed the test and deployed energy mapping for its entire portfolio. This tool has also been implemented for the assets of its Hénéo subsidiary.

This solution, designed as a decision-making aid, is a real asset for a landlord like RIVP, which aims to be carbon neutral by 2050! In the long term, it will notably accompany all our rehabilitation approaches and strategies and will enable us to analyse in detail the work carried out and its impact on consumption. Finally, for our tenants, it is the guarantee of optimal and as transparent as possible monitoring of charges.
explains David Belliard, President of the RIVP.

This mapping will also be useful to compare the characteristics and specificities of the residences between them and to have a global and historical view of the energy performances of the RIVP's heritage.