RIVP is committed to better water management

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On Thursday 14 January, the RIVP signed the 2020-2024 "Water and Climate" territory contract: a new step forward for the protection of biodiversity and better water management in Paris.

The aim of this contract is to adapt "practices to the consequences of climate change". It commits the signatories for 5 years on the issues related to the use and management of water on their territory.

The signatories are the City of Paris, the Seine-Normandie Water Agency, Eau de Paris, PariSeine, Paris&Métropole Aménagement, Semapa Paris Habitat, Elogie-Siemp and RIVP.

This will result in numerous concrete actions in the field to improve stormwater management, better protect aquatic and wetland environments and increase the performance of urban wastewater management. 

The RIVP is thus participating in this 5-year contract with a clear commitment for all our construction and rehabilitation operations: to create 1 hectare per year of green spaces excluding urban agriculture, i.e. an investment of €1 million per year. 

Several objectives will guide the priority actions of this "Water and Climate 200-2024" contract:

  • Action 1: 465,000 m² of disconnection of public spaces (debumming, creation of green spaces, urban micro-forests, ZAC...)

  • Action 2: 125 OASIS school yards completed (125,000m²)

  • Action 3: 140,000 m² of greening of roofs / terraces

The estimated value of the actions under this contract is €149.3 million excluding tax.

Regular communications on progress will be made with the City of Paris and the Seine-Normandie Water Agency.

Les signataires du contrat Eau Climat