R Awards Ceremony by le Club Génération Responsable 2019

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On 10 December, during the 10th anniversary of the R Awards, the 2019 Retail and CSR Trophies were given to companies for their initiative and continuous improvement approach in favour of sustainable development (economic, environmental and social/societal dimensions).


The day was marked by the presentation of several Trophies:

  1. The Trophy of the Year, i.e. the R Award for the 2019 Brand, was awarded to Franprix for its solution for pre-selecting candidates with a breakthrough, experiential approach and without a CV based on personality vs. experience, in order to promote equal opportunities.
  2. The 1st Prize for Commitment went to the Maisons du Monde banner for its global commitment in all areas of responsibility, environmental, social and societal.
  3. The R Award of Honour went to Jean-Marc L'Huillier, Chairman of the Sustainable Development Department of Les Mousquetaires, for his 15 years of commitment to the group.



In addition, the jury rewarded the company with the most outstanding initiative in its category. The prize-winning companies are:

  • R AWARD Responsible Purchasing Initiative: OKAIDI "Textile traceability, a long and complex value chain".
  • R AWARD Eco-design Initiative: SEPHORA COLLECTION "A new skincare range, Good for skin You All, made up of 90% natural ingredients and 100% eco-designed packaging, all for less than €20".
  • R AWARD WASTE MANAGEMENT INITIATIVE: NORAUTO "A piece of furniture for sorting user products".
  • R AWARD CLIMATE INITIATIVE: MAISONS DU MONDE "Maisons du Monde's climate strategy, validated by the Science Based Target Initiative".
  • R AWARD HR SOCIAL INITIATIVE: FRANPRIX "A breakthrough, experiential, CV-less candidate pre-selection solution based on personality vs. experience, to promote equal opportunities".
  • R AWARD SOCIETAL ACTION: MAISONS DU MONDE "The Maisons du Monde & Emmaüs Partnership: solidarity-based reuse as a waste reduction solution".
  • R AWARD SOCIAL INNOVATION INITIATIVE: NORAUTO "A solidarity programme: Mana Ara which means solidarity road".
  • R AWARD INITIATIVE RESPONSIBLE COMMUNICATION: NESPRESSO "A call for the sorting gesture: In Paris, recycle your Nespresso capsules in the yellow bin".
  • R AWARD INITIATIVE RESPONSIBLE POINT OF SALE: INTERMARCHÉ LELUDE "The Intermarché Le Lude stands out by committing to the Responsible Point of Sale label with the promotion of its partnership approach with local breeders and food producers".