PERIAL AM launches SCI PERIAL Euro Carbone, the first low carbon real estate fund to receive the SCI PERIAL Euro Carbone label

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PERIAL Asset Management, an independent asset management company for over 50 years, launched PERIAL Euro Carbone on 18 December 2020, the first low-carbon real estate fund on the market. Perial Euro Carbone has just completed its first acquisition, an office building in Brussels for over €20m.

More than 10 years after creating the first office SCPI integrating an environmental approach (PFO₂) into its management strategy and after the recent launch of the SCPI PF Hospitalité Europe with a societal dimension, PERIAL Asset Management is strengthening its positioning in sustainable real estate and diversifying its range for professional investors with the launch of the SCI PERIAL Euro Carbone.

SCI PEC's extra-financial ambitions are demanding, commensurate with the urgency of the issues to be resolved. This creation is also perfectly in line with the decarbonisation trajectory of the buildings managed by the management company defined in the PERIAL 2030 Climate Plan.
Anne-Claire Barberi, Innovation and CSR Manager of the PERIAL Group


This open-ended real estate investment company is developing a low-carbon strategy through the implementation of a plan to optimise, reduce and offset the greenhouse gas emissions of each building in the portfolio. A carbon assessment is carried out for each acquisition, recommendations and work to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions can be undertaken and concrete energy-saving results will be targeted.

In order to involve its investors, PERIAL Asset Management has created a fund that is both participative and impactful: they are thus offered the opportunity to select carbon offset projects in order to compensate for the remaining emissions.

We believe that as a pioneer in property investment, PERIAL AM has a role to play in meeting the European carbon challenges of tomorrow. By offering a low carbon investment solution and reporting on the impact of our actions, we are pioneering best practice across the sector. We are aware that the building industry is one of the main greenhouse gas emitting sectors in France and in Europe. We therefore felt it was essential to offer professional investors a clear and dedicated solution to this major challenge.
Yann Videcoq, Director of Fund Management at PERIAL Asset Management