Nespresso Professionnel launches its first organic and carbon neutral coffee

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Nespresso Professionnel today announced the launch of its first certified organic coffee, Peru Organic, available since 16 January for businesses, restaurants and hotels.

Peru Organic is first and foremost a high quality, sustainable and carbon neutral coffee, in addition to being certified organic. This coffee represents a further step in the process that Nespresso initiated more than 15 years ago to create a more sustainable coffee industry.


The interest in organic agriculture is not new to Nespresso, so why wait until 2020 to launch this 1st certified organic coffee?

Quite simply because we give priority to the quality, traceability and sustainability of our coffees over organic. Because organic does not guarantee quality. But our priority is that the coffee we buy is of high quality, with special aromatic notes, and that often only a few producers' cooperatives know how to grow. In order to ensure the sustainability of these high-quality coffees, respect for the environment and for the producers is the only possible way. Coffee must therefore be sustainable, i.e. it must preserve ecosystems and provide producers with decent living conditions. This is what our AAA programme for Sustainable Quality is all about.
Ludovic Depie, coffee expert Nespresso France

The Nespresso AAA Programme for Sustainable Quality was launched as early as 2003 and provides farm traceability for more than 90% of their coffees.

Co-designed with the NGO Rainforest Alliance, it now brings together more than 100,000 coffee farmers in 13 countries. Concretely, Nespresso trains these farmers in sustainable agricultural practices with very strict rules on water use and the limitation of synthetic inputs on the farm, on the planting of trees in the heart of the farms to improve the quality of the soil, biodiversity and coffee etc.

These sustainable farming methods allow the harvested green coffee beans to be of better quality, and therefore to be sold at a higher price. Nespresso also pays its partner producers 30 to 40% more for their coffee than the market price, thus rewarding the quality and sustainability of the coffee they grow.

While "organic" is popular with Western consumers, it is not at all popular with coffee producers. Simply because growing coffee organically means no longer using synthetic inputs to protect coffee trees from the many diseases, such as rust, which are spreading at a rapid rate with the climate crisis. For farmers, switching to organic means a potential loss of income and the risk of having to abandon coffee growing. This is why it makes sense to gradually move farms towards organic farming, starting with the adoption of sustainable farming practices that make the farm more resistant to diseases in particular. This is the approach at Nespresso, which is reflected in the AAA programme for Sustainable Quality.