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MYCO2: Towards a Carbon Neutral Strategy for Carbon 4

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Since 2007, Carbone 4 has been supporting companies with a rigorous and committed positioning to accelerate the low-carbon transition of organisations.

However, a low carbon strategy requires the commitment of employees to be successful!

What better way to do this than to address carbon issues through the prism of everyday life emissions in a lively and engaging conference?

MyCO2 offers you the opportunity, via an experiential conference in person or via a webinar, to discover your personal carbon footprint and thus give employees the keys to reading the issues and make them want to accelerate their company's low-carbon transition! The approach is personalised, guilt-free, action-oriented and, above all, collective.

Carbone 4 works with all volunteer companies, whatever their "starting level", but each time with strong requirements to associate our brand.

The questions that companies ask themselves are, in the end, relatively similar to those that individuals ask themselves:

How can I reduce my emissions? Is it right to buy an electric car? Does buying green electricity have an impact? Should I offset my emissions? How can I contribute to making my country neutral in 2050? Should carbon impact my decision making?

Conferences can be personalised to recontextualise emissions from the personal sphere in relation to office life (pro travel, office energy, etc.) and business emissions.

The objective is to raise awareness among as many people as possible - employees and citizens - and to engage them in their low-carbon transition to limit global warming to 2°C by 2100.

To achieve this objective, Carbone 4 is training MyCO2 ambassadors and offering awareness-raising conferences for companies and individuals.

With the MyCO2 "citizen" ambassador training course, you will be able to organise MyCO2 conferences for your friends, family and associations on your own, for up to 20 people. With the "professional" training course, you will be able to hold in-company conferences for up to 100 people. 

Their approach

Their ambition is to talk about carbon to everyone, by making available a tool that is as concrete as possible.

The year of conception allowed to validate the importance of the collective experience. MyCO2 should not just be a personal tool: it was designed from the outset so that everyone can simply hold conferences with friends, family and company. According to Carbone 4, we need to join forces to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible, especially those who wouldn't go to a carbon calculator site on their own!

From the summer of 2019, Carbone 4 began discussions with the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition to propose a solution that is as reliable as possible and comparable to official data.

As for companies, Carbone 4 will then propose a rigorous approach to neutrality. How can France be neutral in 2050 by acting on the 3 pillars of neutrality: I reduce at home, I help others to reduce and I restore nature (for companies, we are talking about induced, avoided and sequestered emissions).


The MyCO2 approach is very simple: life is divided into 5 "moments": morning, day, evening, weekends and holidays.
For each moment, Carbone 4 has created a "text with holes" (also called a narrative form).

Whether in a conference or for personal use, the most important thing is to project yourself on future life choices and to be able to understand their impact, positive or negative: Is the impact positive if I buy a new Zoé? Is it more impacting to eat better or to heat better? What is the impact if I finish my current car journey on an electric scooter? Last year I went to Japan, what does it change if I go to Norway this year, or even to an island in Brittany to spend my holidays?


Carbone 4

Whether for citizens or companies, crowdfunding has provided access to counterparts in the form of experiential conferences from April 2020 onwards.

The crowdfunding campaign raised €41,000 from citizens. Adding the contribution of the pioneering companies, the total amount raised is close to €200,000!