Launch of the Eiffel Green Gas Fund, €200m dedicated to renewable gas

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The Eiffel Green Gas Fund is designed to accelerate the development of the renewable gas sector by supporting the promoters of these new projects. Often coming from the agricultural world, they need additional financial resources for the construction of facilities. Between 50 and 100 methanisation units will be financed throughout the country via capital or quasi-capital contributions. Today, gas is an essential component of the energy mix and its decarbonation is an important project for the years to come.

The member players are already showing great dynamism since the Eiffel Green Gas Fund has, since its launch, been endowed with more than €115 million in commitments and is aiming for €200 million in the long term. An initial operation of €8 million has already been carried out. The players involved are : Eiffel Investment Group, Banque des Territoires, GRTgaz, Société Générale Assurances and ADEME Investissement. The European Investment Bank and ProBTP are studying the possibility of eventually joining the fund.

Eiffel Gaz Vert is very flexible for project owners: it can be used at any stage of development or operation, and allows the capital structure of projects to be optimised as industrial risk is reduced. It is a solution that is particularly useful for getting through the delicate construction phase of the methanation unit before it goes into production and long-term financing takes over. This fund thus removes the obstacles to financing the biogas sector throughout the country.