The Jane Goodall Institute at the ARRONDI checkout in all Maisons du Monde stores in France

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As from January 6, when you pay for your purchases at the checkout of a Maisons du Monde store, you will be asked if you would like to pay the rounding up to the next higher euro in your basket to the Jane Goodall Institute. This initiative is called ARRONDI en caisse and will be given to associations.

Maisons du monde has chosen to support the Jane Goodall Institute's "Saving Senegal's Chimpanzee Forests" project. The signatory of the Paris Climate Action Charter enlightens us on its choice by presenting the project :

The last habitat of chimpanzees in Senegal, the forests of the commune of Dindéfélo are threatened by deforestation. Human activities (such as agriculture) and global warming, which cause droughts and floods, are at stake. Driven out of their natural habitat, chimpanzees migrate to villages in search of food, causing conflicts with humans and further threatening the survival of their species.

To combat this phenomenon, the Jane Goodall Institute is carrying out reforestation activities in natural areas inhabited by chimpanzees and is working on economic alternatives to poaching for local populations. The association carries out most of this work with women. It is indeed to them that the agricultural work in the community falls.

Thus, thanks to the funds collected by ARRONDI, reforestation actions in the chimpanzee habitat areas will be carried out. In addition, the association will work on economic alternatives to poaching among the local populations.