Icade, Caisse des Dépôts and CDC Habitat named winners for the construction of Block D of the Olympic and Paralympic Village

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SOLIDEO (Société de Livraison des Ouvrages Olympiques) has entrusted the winning group with the construction of a real estate complex, the "Quinconces" in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, covering more than 48,000 m² and intended to accommodate 3,000 athletes from all over the world for the Olympic Games. It is in line with the theme of legacy, as it will be transformed back into a real city district designed for its inhabitants and anchored in its territory as soon as the Games are over.

With diversified housing and activity programmes that will promote social diversity and employment, this new district will foster social cohesion and contribute to the inclusive dynamic of change that has been underway in this area for several years.

The Quinconces will include housing, a student residence, a social residence with priority for people with disabilities, a dance studio, a sports club, a concierge service and offices adapted to collaborative and flexible work methods.

In addition to being inclusive, this real estate program is part of a strong environmental ambition to meet the objectives of the Paris Accord. The Quinconces will include :

  • A bioclimatic design of the buildings (double orientation, play of height between the different buildings to maximize sunlight, spinning balconies on the south facade acting as a sunshade...)
  • A 3,000 m² urban forest, a real island of freshness and biodiversity (designed by TN+ and CDC Biodiversité). Extended by rooftop gardens, it will guarantee the comfort of athletes in the summer of 2024 and will contribute to the fight against heat islands. 
  • A Low Carbon construction in wood or mixed wood/concrete low carbon. The wood used will come from sustainably managed forests that are PEFC or FSC certified.  

Exemplary in terms of energy performance, the project aims at the Biodivercity and E+ C- labels (E3 C2 for R+6 housing, E3 C1 for R+9 housing, E2 C1 for offices). It will include innovative energy production solutions based on agrinergie (combination of photovoltaic shading and market gardening). The Cycle building will be a pilot in the implementation of new solutions of short circuits for water and bio-waste with the territory and neighbouring agricultural areas.