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Historical player of the French distribution since 1898, the Casino Group is also one of the world leaders in the food trade with more than 12,000 stores worldwide located in France, Latin America and the Indian Ocean and a turnover of business of 38 billion euros.

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A player in cities, the Casino group is committed for a long time to fight against climate change. Signatory of the Science Based Target, the Casino group is committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 18% between 2015 and 2025. Casino acts to reduce the energy consumption of its stores, by reducing the leakage of refrigerants and through soft and innovative modes of transport such as the use of the Seine to deliver to Parisian stores. The Casino group is also committed alongside the City of Paris and its inhabitants to offer more responsible consumption and production methods to enable them to eat better, with a varied and diversified offer of organic, and vegetable and responsible products.

Sustainable strategy

1 No poverty
  • The Casino group and its brands are involved in the fight against precariousness, in particular through the donation of goods.
  • The group has signed a partnership with the national federation of Food Banks.
  • The group supports many projects including the shower baths reserved for homeless women set up by Samu Social in the 12th district
2 Zéro hunger
  • The Casino group is committed to develop the BIO offer and to go from 1 billion turnover on organic to 1.5 billion by 2021.
  • The group is committed to the fight against food waste through its partnership with the French Federation of Food Banks
  • Partnership with start-ups such as Phenix which collects foodstuffs with a short consumption deadline in 300 stores of the group
  • Partnership with To GOOD TO GO which has saved more than 500,000 meals since the partnership was created.
  • The Casino group offers a private label of healthy and sustainable products, including organic distributor brands (more than 2,000 products) and a diverse range of fruits and vegetables.
  • Removal of controversial substances such as titanium dioxide which has been eliminated from its private label (food, toothpaste ...)
  • Implementation of a program to reduce the salt, sugar and fat content of its own brand products based on its health and nutrition committee.
4 Quality education
  • The Casino group acts in favor of the education of children, in particular through its Casino Foundation which acts against social exclusion by the Theater.
  • Support of actions to raise awareness on sustainable development and better ecological practices, in particular via Lemontree machines which invite Parisians to recycle their plastic bottles,
  • Flowers of the city operation to promote biodiversity in Paris
5 Gender equality
  • The Casino group works to promote equality between women and men. The women's network "It's with them" brings together more than 800 women executives of the group.
  • Mentoring programs are deployed as well as numerous actions in favor of gender equality, such as the design of a book to combat sexism in companies.
  • The group has obtained the Equality Label.
7 Affordable and clean energy
  • Since 2007, the Casino group has created GreenYellow, a subsidiary which deploys solar power plants on the roofs of shops and on the sun shades of parkings.
  • More than 120 solar power plants have been deployed on the group's assets worldwide.
8 Decent work and economic growth
  • Casino has mostly open-ended contracts (92% of employees are on permanent contracts) and full-time contracts (3/4 of employees are full-time).
  • Implementation of various support systems for its employees (employee savings plan, etc.) and in particular for people with disabilities.
9 Industry, innovation ans infrastructure
  • The Casino group is developing low-carbon innovations by investing in soft delivery methods, in particular to deliver its customers on foot and by electric vehicle and to deliver its stores using the river and the Seine
  • Under definition
11 Sustainable cities and communities
  • The Casino group is committed to make the city more sustainable through its actions in favor of more sustainable logistics (river transport, delivery by foot and by electric vehicles), the supply of more responsible products (Organic)
  • The Casino group also supports the call for "Parisculteurs" projects
12 Responsable consumption and production
  • The group supports more responsible consumption through its product offer (Organic, eco-labeled, etc.)
  • Circular economy and functionality projects are developed
  • For example collecting and recycling cigarette butts or using Lemontree machines to recycle plastic bottles.
  • The products are eco-designed and the brands reduce store waste, especially food, plastics and cardboard.
  • Target of 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2025.
  • The Casino group is a signatory of the Plastic Pact set up with the Ministry of Ecological Transition
  • Under definition
13 Climate Action
  • Deployment of action plans to reduce the GHG impact related to energy, refrigerant gases and transportation
  • The Casino group is a signatory to the SBT and is committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions on scopes 1 and 2 by 18% by 2025 compared to 2015, in accordance with the Paris Agreement.
14 Life below water
  • The Casino group is rolling out its policy for more responsible fishing with several commitments, in particular not to market fish threatened with extinction (emperor, blue ling, saber, grenadier, etc.)
  • Supply its offer of tuna in cans of at least 80% of Albacore Tuna by fishing methods without FAD by 2021.
15 Life on land
  • Commitment to guarantee that 100% of palm oil is RSPO certified by 2020 and that 100% of cocoa is certified sustainable in products containing more than 20% cocoa (UTZ or Fair trade type certification)
  • The Casino group is committed to fight imported deforestation, linked in particular to palm oil, soy, or even cocoa.
17 Partnerships for the goals
  • Support to the Paris for Jobs program and the ILO Business and Disability Network set up by the ILO
  • Signatory of the charter in favor of sustainable urban logistics
  • Signatory of the National Pact against food waste
  • Signatory of the "Objectives 100 hectares" Charter of the City of Paris
  • Signatory of the Paris Climate Action Charter
  • Support to UN Women and its annual campaign to end violence against women.
  • The Casino group, signatory of the United Nations Global Compact is a member of Global Compact France.