The EDF Group is accelerating in wind and solar energy in France

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The EDF Group is today the leading electricity company in France and the European Union in terms of installed renewable power capacity. This is the result of its acceleration in the renewable energy sector in France, with growth in the gross installed capacity of its subsidiary EDF Renouvelables of more than 70% over the last five years, i.e. an average rate of +12%/year. In particular, three significant advances have been made in 2019:

1. Success of the preparatory phase of the Solar Plan

The group's objective is to become the leader in solar energy in France with a 30% market share by 2035. In two years, the secure land surface area of ground-based solar power plants has increased sevenfold to 2,000 hectares. There is no lack of opportunities since the number of projects with building permits has increased fivefold.

Rooftop solar installations carried out by the EDF ENR subsidiary make the group the leader in France with a 20% market share of the solar self-consumption market with more than 10,000 installations on the residential market and around 100 installations for industrial and tertiary customers.

Following this preparatory phase, the Solar Plan is now entering its operational deployment. The total development time of a solar project, from the identification of a site to the commissioning of the installation, is currently in France of the order of 4 to 5 years.

2. Reinforcement of onshore wind power

In 2019, EDF commissioned nearly 200 MW of capacity in France and started construction of an equivalent volume, a record year for the Group. Their operations, in addition to the construction of new plants, also aim to improve the efficiency of existing plants. In Guadeloupe, this operation doubled capacity to 12 MW while reducing the number of wind turbines (from 32 to 14).

3. Implementation of offshore wind energy projects

The EDF Group has announced the launch of the construction of the Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm with its Canadian partner Enbridge. With an installed capacity of 480 MW, this wind farm will be the first to be set up off the French coast, with commissioning scheduled for 2022. Construction of the Fécamp and Courseulles-sur-Mer projects is scheduled for 2020. Finally, this summer the consortium led by EDF Renouvelables was declared the winner of the 3rd call for tenders launched by the Government for the Dunkirk project (around 600 MW).

These investments in renewable energies are in line both with EDF's CAP 2030 strategy and the commitments made in the Paris Climate Charter, which aims to double the Group's global renewable capacities to 50 GW net in 2030, largely through organic growth.