Covivio expresses its Raison d'Être: Building Well-being and Sustainable Ties

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Through the publication of its Raison d'être, Covivio expresses its role, as a responsible real estate operator, to all its stakeholders: customers, shareholders and financial partners, internal teams, communities but also future generations and the environment.

After the adoption of our European identity in 2018, we wanted to go further and take a stand on current social, environmental and economic issues. Formalizing our Raison d'être is an opportunity to affirm our ambitions to our stakeholders, with concrete objectives, which we will review regularly.
Christophe Kullmann, Chief Executive Officer of Covivio.

These objectives are part of the action plans of the cities, particularly in the Paris Climate Plan. For its customers, the company provides places and services that facilitate and enrich exchanges and ensure well-being and comfort: quality of sites, proximity to public transport, air quality, acoustic and thermal comfort, natural light, green spaces, mixed and flexible uses, "just like at home" hotel concepts.

Covivio also contributes to the attractiveness of local areas by its commitment to local authorities. The company encourages the emergence of eco-responsible practices and innovations in terms of the quality of urban life, the opening of buildings to the city, the development of biodiversity and waste management. Covivio thus contributes, alongside the City of Paris, to the challenges of the city of tomorrow, which is less energy consuming, connected and concerned about social well-being and environmental quality, placing people at the centre of its ecosystem. 

Thus their societal and environmental commitments are as follows:


  • From 2020, all our new development projects will have green spaces (terraces, patios, roof tops, urban agriculture...).
  • By 2025, 100% of our heritage will be "green" (certification or labeling on the buildings or operations).
  • By 2030, we aim to reduce our carbon emissions by 34% compared to 2010.



  • In 2020, Covivio will create a Foundation that will bring together all of our actions in favour of equal opportunities and the preservation of the environment.

In order for our teams to contribute to multiplying our commitments, Covivio employees will be able to devote a solidarity day each year to support a social project identified by the Foundation.