Comfort, health, well-being: well-washing or trend-setting?

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PERIAL Asset Management has defined an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) approach for the management of its funds' assets. It is based in particular on a grid of more than 200 criteria applied to each asset from the pre-acquisition phase. Nearly one-third of these ESG criteria concern issues of comfort, health and well-being, verified at the level of the building, interior fittings and services within and near the site.
With a portfolio of 1.5 million m² in French and European cities, the PERIAL Group has a role to play in optimising the use of these spaces and associated services, pooling energy needs and developing collective and local solutions.
These issues need to be addressed at all levels of the real estate chain: developer, investor, property manager. This is a real opportunity to create synergies around comfort and health to turn them into levers for creating value for everyone and for the benefit of end users.
In this way, the group is preparing the SCPIs managed by PERIAL AM for the future SRI Immobilier label that the management company wishes to obtain as a priority for PFO2, which represents 800,000 m² of managed space.
The group's future head office is also aiming for a label in terms of comfort and health. Its structure, facilities and services have thus been designed as a place that will facilitate the emergence of new ideas, exchanges and excellence.