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Akuo Energy develops, finances, builds and operates renewable power plants around the world.

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More than 10 years ago, Akuo Energy bet on renewable energies, with the strong conviction that ecology and long-term economic growth are inseparable. This observation, now shared by public and private actors in the international community, took concrete form in the Paris Agreement of December 12, 2015. While awareness of the ecological need is now anchored in the minds of political actors and economic, it is now time to take tangible actions for the environment.
This is why Akuo Energy is working alongside the Paris City Hall and Parisian companies to bring this commitment to the climate to the highest level. The economic and ecological transition is played out at the local level, for a global impact. With its territorial commitment, Akuo Energy takes full part in the city’s Climate Plan by initiating concrete actions and projects to maximize the local positive impact.

Sustainable Strategy 2030

2 Zéro hunger
  • Provision of basic services accessible through off-grid RES
  • Akuo Energy, as an actor in the energy transition, contributes to reduce the occurrence of extreme climatic phenomena.
  • Deployment of these solutions in isolated areas, in developing countries, or for a temporary period.
7 Affordable and clean energy
  • Development of off-grid solutions, especially for clean, reliable and affordable rural electrification for consumers
  • Action for the decentralization of the means of production: along the same lines as the Parisian desire to decentralize the decision-making levels on ENR and EE subjects
  • Improving the EA of Akuo's Paris offices
  • Development of projects in IDF and in Paris
9 Industry, innovation ans infrastructure
  • Akuo Energy Industrie designs its products by guaranteeing maximum durability of the components, prioritizing their "repairability" and anticipating their recycling.
10 reduced Inequalities
  • Since 2011, the Akuo Foundation has supported projects aimed to promote sustainable access to basic needs (water, energy, health, education) and raising awareness on the issues of climate change and ecological actions.
11 Sustainable cities and communities
  • Supply of clean electricity for electric mobility
  • Akuo Energy Industrie designs its products by guaranteeing maximum durability of the components, prioritizing their "repairability" and anticipating their recycling.
  • Reducing disasters by reducing emissions
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Assessment of the company's carbon impact
  • Adoption of an Akuo climate plan
  • Development of crowdfunding for virtuous projects through the AkuoCoop platform.
12 Responsable consumption and production
  • Employee awareness: internal communication, display in offices
  • Use of a dedicated recycling company for office waste
  • Relay of employees' initiatives (example: at the request of some of them, some nearby restaurateurs agree to fill the containers brought by customers)
  • As part of the bid for public contracts, Akuo Energy undertakes to comply with environmental provisions by adopting measures often more demanding than what is required
13 Climate Action
  • Akuo Energy supports the integration of climate change issues into public policies
  • Climate risk at the heart of the Business model
  • Within the framework of project management, mobilization of funding to develop projects in developing countries
15 Life on land
  • Preservation of natural heritage: measures to restore natural ecosystems for each of the projects (planting of endemic species, etc.)
17 Partnerships for the goals
  • Establishment of public-private partnerships for the development of renewable energy and agricultural projects
  • Citizen engagement fostered by participatory investment
  • Development of alternative sources of funding for renewable energy, in particular with the dedicated crowdfunding platform AkuoCoop, to maximize resources for renewable energy and involve citizens in renewable energy projects