About the Partners Club on April 15th

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Dear Paris Climate Action Partners,

Many of you were present for this first Partner Club of the Year on the theme of employee involvement and behavior.
Thank you all for your presence and your interventions!

During this meeting, we had the intervention of Jérôme Lhote, founder of Koom who told us about his platform which aims to make employees and the company work together in the form of challenges. He also talked about The Climate Fresco that has caught your attention and your questions. If the subject interests you
do not hesitate to participate in the one we organize at the House of Actors of Paris Durable May 25 in the morning as part of the event Paris de l'Avenir organized by the City of Paris.

We then attended the interventions of five of our partners who presented us internal achievements in order to better mobilize their collaborators. Here are their contacts if you want to deepen some points with them:

- Greenflex: Marlene Morin-Lallemand
- SNCF: Florence Cousin
- Viparis: Catherine Phin
- La Poste Group: Mathilde Devaux and Jean-Edouard Bru
- TF1: Catherine Puiseux


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