• #ParisActionClimat

Célia Blauel, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of Environment, Sustainable Development, Water, canal policy and Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of urban planning, architecture, the Grand Paris project, economic development and attractiveness welcomed on October 16, 2018 at the City Hall of major organizations and companies that commit to the climate by signing the charter "Paris Action Climat".

The new Climate Plan, adopted in March 2018 by the Paris Council, lead the path towards carbon neutrality for a city fully converted to renewable energy, more resilient, fair and inclusive. This plan was conceived as a real social project requiring the involvement of everyone to make the transition to a post-carbon city. Within this context the City of Paris has redesigned its partnership mechanism "Paris Action Climat" with the collaboration of the Paris Climate Agency. It enables parisian companies and institutions to be part of the commitments of the Climate Plan through the signing of a charter and the participation in communities of sectoral actors, places of meetings, watch and reflection between peers.

During the 5th annual ceremony of the project, 14 new organizations and companies sign alongside the Municipality, the Paris Climate Action Charter. Among these actors, 8 are particularly committed to accelerating the energy and environmental transition by making a commitment to low carbon development, construction and renovation. The 47 signatories of the first editions are also honored, 8 former signatories confirm their commitment by joining the new project. This event will also be an opportunity to present the activities of the Paris Action Climat communities. The heads of the network Health, Real Estate and Sustainable Development, Shops and Green Embassies communities in Paris come to testify on the latest achievements

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