Pacte Bois Biosourcés

28 signatories of the first Biosourced Wood Pact

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Under the aegis of the FIBois Île-de-France interprofession, which since 2004 has federated the stakeholders of the forest-wood sector in Île-de-France, this pact aims for each signatory to commit to achieving 10 to 40% of their Ile-de-France production in wood and biosourced products (straw, hemp) by 2025 in new construction and rehabilitation.

In order to achieve the objective of carbon neutrality by 2050, the National Low Carbon Strategy calls for a 49% reduction in the carbon footprint of the building sector by 2030, compared to 2015. Buildings made of wood and bio-sourced materials represent up to 60% less greenhouse gas emissions than buildings made of concrete structures, and buildings continue to store carbon throughout their lifespan.

All the signatories, already committed to varying degrees in their internal programmes, undertake to achieve 10 to 40% of their Ile-de-France production from wood and biosourced materials by 2025 in both new construction and renovation.

The signatories also undertake to ensure that 100% of the wood used is certified sustainable management, including 30% French wood.
Céline Laurens, General Delegate of FIBois

Seven of our signatories at Paris Action Climat (Paris & Métropole Aménagement, Semapa, Icade, Paris Habitat, RIVP, Elogie Siemp, PariSeine) have committed to honouring the terms of this pact. A founding act that invites all project owners, both public and private, to set in motion a systemic change in the construction sector.