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RATP is a public transport company that employs 44,000 people and provides more than 3 billion trips per year.

Property assets: 4 subsidiaries : The SEDP, Logis-Transports, Promométro, Telcité

Limit the environmental risks of its business
RATP is aware of its responsibility and its role on the quality of life in urban areas, which is why the group is a partner of the action "Sustainable Actors of Paris.
More sober buildings
Recycled water
Electrical energy savings
Modernization of rail systems
Rapport d'activité 2012 de la ratpCe document est le rapport d'activité de l'année 2012 pour le groupe RATP. Il retrace l'ensemble des actions qui ont été mises en place ou pérennisées lors de cette année. Download Doc in fr
Rapport de développement durable 2012 de la ratpCe document est le rapport développement durable 2012 pour le groupe RATP. Download Doc in fr
Rapport RSE ( en financier) 2015Engagements RSE de la RATP Download Doc in fr

RATP : a Parisian building heated thanks to the metro

Publication of the 1st RATP Group Impact Report following the Green Bond fundraiser on June 22, 2017

A 300 m2 garden on the forecourt of the Denfert-Rochereau station installed by the RATP

Second edition of the Parisculteurs: the laureate RATP will soon host the first vertical farm in Paris...

RATP group joins Carbone 4 consulting firm to join NET ZERO Alliance

RATP is committed to improving the quality of air in its underground spaces

RATP is experimenting an autonomous shuttle within the Bois de Vincennes

Paris Climate Action signatories commit themselves to the new Paris Climate Action Plan

RATP: The autonomous shuttles on the Charles de Gaulle bridge

RATP (Parisian transport network) supports the objective of the City of Paris: "100 hectares of green...

'Ticket to Kyoto': RATP, the Paris Underground Transport Company is one of Partners in this European...