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Accompany all real estate lives is the ambition of Nexity. Individual, company or community, Nexity listening to you and offers the widest range of advice and expertise, products, services and solutions to better address your needs and answer all your concerns.

Our jobs - transaction, management, design, promotion, development, advice and all associate services are now organized to serve and assist you. First in our industry standard, and committed to our customers but also toward our environment and the whole society, we want a beautiful property for all life.

  • 2632 million in turnover
  • 1242 real estate agencies network
  • 6949 employees

Garantie de charges
1er contrat de garantie de charges d'exploitation dès réception de l'immeuble en France, au bénéfice de L'Oréal pour l'opération Le Nuovo (35 300m²) à Clichy-La-Garenne
Certifications environnementales
Rénovation énergétique
Le Nexity Lab : Démonstrateur de nos savoir-faire et de solutions innovantes

Nexity supports energy efficiency upgrading projects

Paris Climate Action signatories commit themselves to the new Paris Climate Action Plan