News published on: 01-05-2017

W.Y.L.D.E is a young French ready-to-wear brand offering eco-designed products and manufactured entirely in France. Since 2013, the brand has been selecting vintage clothing which have been transformed by hand in an ethical and sustainable design process. These unique and timeless pieces are made from 100% recycled fibers.

"Without compromising on style, our wish is to show you that it is possible to produce without destroying, while respecting man and the environment".

In order to communicate on its commitments, W.Y.L.D.E published on its website its first ethical charter aimed at developing a new fashion design. This charter is structured in six stages:

1 - Unique pieces and limited series: singularity and exclusivity

2 - Recycling: revalorization and its virtues

3 - "Made in France": an interpretation of the « French touch”

4 - Ethical production: with care and know-how

5 - Respect for the environment: a minimal carbon footprint

6 - Accessibility: winning a fair price

Additional information regarding the content of the W.Y.L.D.E ethical charter available here.


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