News published on: 31-12-2013


CPCU produce, transport and distribute heat generated by an energy mix: recycled domestic waste; natural gas; coal; oil; and in the near future geothermal heat and biomass. 

Since January 2013 and in compliance with the new environmental standards, CPCU have launched into the upgrading of their heat production facilities. Most of them are being converted into plants running on natural gas, rather than oil as is the case now. This decision is in answer to the objectives set in the Greater Paris Region to improve air quality.

Retrofitting these production facilities will lead to a progressive decrease in the use of oil. By the end of 2015, when upgrading is finished, oil will only represent 2% of the energy mix used by CPCU, against 10% today.

Five of the CPCU heat production facilities will be upgraded to meet the new environmental standards

  • The three boilers at the Ivry-sur-Seine facility will be converted from oil to natural gas. It is the first CPCU production plant to gothrough this retrofitting process;
  • There are five boilers in the Grenelle production facility (Beaugrenelle area, Paris 15th borough). By 2015, three will be converted to natural gas and two will be kept running on liquid fuel (oil or biodiesel);
  • At Vaugirard (Paris 15th borough), three boilers will run on natural gas by 2015;
  • At Bercy (Paris 12th borough), two boilers will be converted in 2015 to run on natural gas and two converted to run on biodiesel;
  • At Kremlin-Bicêtre, the production facility will be upgraded and both boilers will run on liquid fuel or natural gas.


Switching from oil to natural gas at the Ivry-sur-Seine production facility

The CPCU production facility at Ivry-sur-Seine will be upgraded by progressively phasing out the use of oil to produce heat and replacing it by natural gas.

The upgrading calls for a Public Enquiry and the file submitted to obtain the Authorisation to Operate will be made available for public consultation at the Town Hall the whole time the Public Enquiry is ongoing.  









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