News published on: 19-01-2016

Since March 2014 French mail company, La Poste, has initiated internal car sharing by renting out unused commercial vehicles for the benefit of other postal workers. This offer is called: "Voiture Postale". Indeed, the vehicles are often not used in the afternoon and part of the weekend. In addition, a high rate of informal loans vehicles was noticed. Thus besides the will to develop the collaborative and functional economies (based on sharing and pooling of use) which are environmental benefits, it had to control these informal practices. Finally, there were 10,000 to 15,000 relocations annually among postal workers.  Many postal workers could be interested in having occasional rental of service car.

This system of «Voiture Postale», for professional or personal trips is relatively low costs. It can significantly improve the profitability of cars for La Poste and provide a real service to the postal workers.

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