News published on: 02-12-2015

From December 1 to 16, the RATP is campaigning in the Paris metropolitan and wants to support the COP21 which shows its interest into sustainability. We can find 8 different posters. One talk about the campaign and the other seven communicate on the RATP environmental commitments. Each poster illustrate one of the seven following commitments : Bus Plan 2025, promotion of eco-driving, recovery of groundwater, heating control in the RER, the spread of LED lighting on the network, reducing noise, and experimentation the recovery of heat stations for residential heating. Moreover, in order to get commitment clearly understandable for travelers, the RATP regularly publishes articles to explain them.

For example,

The generalization of the LED on the network.

RATP wants to replace all conventional lamps on the network with LED. They allow a 50% reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Further, these LEDs have a longer lifetime than usual lamps.The equipment of every 369 stations and 300 km of corridors is planned by 2016. This will support the commitments (by 2020) to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% and energy consumption by 15% of a network that needs more light points than Los Angeles!

Go to the section /RATP COQ/ to take advantage of items that RATP offers on its commitments.


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