News published on: 02-02-2016

On January 13, 2016, was held at Paris City Hall the first meeting of the “Paris Climate Action partners club". So it was with great pleasure that we hosted a meeting of 18 signatories of the climate action partnership agreement. The meeting was led by Celia Blauel, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of the environment, sustainable development, water, canals politics, climate and energy action plan and she is the president of Eau de Paris.

All participants showed a willingness to share their good practices. There was generally a strong desire among our signatories to identify the economic and environmental burden of their activities in Paris. So they would like to get appropriate indicators.

  • The organization of thematic breakfasts was asked by members. This short and dynamic format enables rich and direct interaction. Among the themes that have been proposed there are: the empowerment of buildings, internal and external communication to increase awareness, business travel, action at the international or the carbon emissions and enhancement.
  • Other exchange media may also be implemented such as webinars.
  • Beyond these meetings, there is a real willingness to work together on actives steps. It has even been mentioned the development of experiments on the territory so that Paris becomes a social innovative city.
  • In parallel, the partners proposed to organize visits of their accomplishments and create a good practice directory for the energy transition to a modern and accessible support.

It was a first contact and nothing has been decided yet. However, the dynamism of actors promising active cooperation in the future. The Paris Climate Action platform is already a vector of information and communication about responsible practices of members of the community.


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