Sharing the experience published on: 10-12-2015

Marais BHV, implemented with Geodis Road Transport, a measure to use 100% compressed natural gas (CNG) for its vehicles. This allows offering responsible deliveries and fully participating in the dynamics of sustainable development in the city of Paris.

Since 1 June 2015, all shipments of the capital are delivered by vehicles fueled with compressed natural gas. We speak here of 6 trucks with an operating range of 600 km to ensure deliveries during two days with a full tank. So even if this alternative requires expensive equipment, it is offset by lower expenditure because of a less expensive fuel.

This is a competitive advantage for the brand which carries an average number of 14 travels a day, and sometimes this number can grow to 20 during sales period. Moreover, its benefits for environment and society are far from being unsubstantial : it reduces the carbon footprint by 15%, and decreases the noise generated by deliveries by 50%.


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