News published on: 24-07-2017

As committed partner in the city of tomorrow, Icade wishes to support Airparif for its general activities on air quality monitoring and information in Île-de-France Region. For its part, the French organization recognized by the Ministry of the Environment is committed to bring its expertise to support Icade, which has set itself as a priority objective the integration of air pollution prevention and a reduction of 40% of CO2 emissions between 2011 and 2020 on its business parks (kg CO2 / m2 / year).

Airparif and Icade have decided to formalize joint work themes for the coming months, which include, as a priority, the consideration of air quality issues during the development of new real estate projects and the deployment of new technologies connected to the housing stock of Icade.

The expertise of Airparif will be an essential contribution to support Icade in the development of new real estate projects and the implementation of ever more innovative solutions for sustainable building. Icade is contributing to the implementation of the AirLAB, which will be launched in September in order to create an ecosystem dedicated to innovation in air quality.


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