News published on: 27-10-2016

Following the writing of its 2015 sustainable development report, published October the 4th 2016, Guerlain highlights its started processes and their repercussions on the environment.

The calculation of the carbon footprint has enabled Guerlain to understand which activity was the most demanding regarding to energy consumption. Unsurprisingly, the “Transportation” is the most expensive activity in terms of energy with 35% of greenhouse gas emissions on the total activity.

In the interest of ecological responsibility Guerlain has found innovative solutions to reduce its carbon footprint linked to transportation.

Nowadays, the company promotes sea transport for its long distance exports and encourages its subsidiaries to follow the same path by sending a monthly balance sheet, billed in Euros, in kilograms of goods and in CO2. Since two years, the firm has seen its maritime export rate increase from 54% to 57% in 2015 and plans to exceed 60% for the end of 2016.

To reduce its CO2 emissions in France, Guerlain supplies its Parisian stores with a 100% hybrid truck designed by Renault Trucks, which can carry 16T with autonomy of 200km. This initiative has enabled Guerlain to save 27 ton of CO2 in 2015.

This commitment is also illustrated by the 15% increase of the number of hybrid vehicle in Guerlain’s fleet.  As well as the establishment of a citizen bonus, distributed to employees who come to work using their bike.

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