News published on: 12-11-2015


The group AFNOR has certified ISO 50001 the Management system of Energy set up by Gecina. Thus, it became the first land corporation in Europe to be as well known for the quality of its organization and its methods on the challenges of energy performance.

Gecina has adopted an ambitious energy policy with the objective of 40% reduction of energy consumption of its commercial assets. To achieve this result, improve control and analysis of the performance of its buildings. In fact Gecina has implemented an Energy Management System. This particular device allows the monitoring of consumption and the creation of an "Energy Management" unit dedicated to these issues. This management system includes all processes, from the definition of energy policy to the analysis of changes in performance, through the choice of action plans and their implementation. Updated every 3 years, certification is based on a principle of continuous improvement. It imposes measures already implemented by Gecina (periodic monitoring of energy consumption, document archiving, involvement of all energy stakeholders, defining and tracking of action plans). We have set ambitious targets beyond the regulatory constraints. The ISO 50001 certification demonstrates the relevance of our approach and the quality of our organization; it is a real pride for our team to see our energy policy recognized on the eve of COP21. "


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