News published on: 20-12-2017

EDF took a step forward for the development of photovoltaic energy at the "One Planet Summit". The Solar Plan announced on December 11th is of an unprecendented scale, and marks a turning point in EDF's activities. The historic energy company aims to build 30 GW of new photovoltaic solar power plants on French territory between 2020 and 2035. This would come about the equivalent of half of the current power of the French nuclear fleet, and about four times the current capacity of solar energy production in France.

EDF is committed to mobilizing all its resources to ensure this accelerated pace of development, namely the provision of its internal resources such as the exploitation of its land. Solar power plants will be built near nuclear power plants, brownfield sites or decommissioning sites in reconversion, or on hydraulic sites. EDF will also cooperate with public authorities to identify areas suitable for hosting new photovoltaic solar installations: between 25,000 and 30,000 hectares are needed to achieve the objectives of this Solar Plan.


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