News published on: 02-06-2017

To mark a new stage in its commitment to ecological transition, Eau de Paris adopted a plan of actions for 2020 which aimed at taking action to preserve biodiversity.

"The perimeters of the river, the aqueduct rights-of-way, the grass roofs of the reservoirs represent nearly 1,300 hectares of natural areas. A rich and preserved heritage, maintained by the teams without inputs and according to the principles of ecological management, these spaces are true reservoirs of biodiversity that contribute to the natural wealth and the environmental quality of territories.”

Eau de Paris has the will to implement actions on 4 main themes:

  • Develop and share knowledge with local partners
  • Better integrate biodiversity into the activities of the entity
  • Develop the biodiversity heritage of the entity
  • Raise awareness, mobilize and cooperate on biodiversity


The public company set ambitious objectives, actively participating in its ecological transition by 2020:

  • 80% of facilities developed to restore ecological continuity in accordance with legislative provisions
  •  75% of the natural areas of the system covered by ecological diagnoses
  • 75% of non-aqueduct sites with an ecological management plan

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