Sharing the experience published on: 01-01-2014

Since 2010, the Perfumes & Cosmetics Houses and Sephora have been using CEDRE, a platform to sort, recycle and recover waste.

CEDRE (Centre Environnemental de Déconditionnement et Recyclage Ecologique) is dedicated to the sorting, recycling and recovery of all waste generated from the manufacture, packaging, distribution and sale of cosmetic products. This recycling platform accepts several types of waste: obsolete packaging items, obsolete alcohol products, advertising materials, store testers, and empty packaging returned to the store by consumers.  More recently, the treatment and recycling of fabrics have also been implemented. Several of LVMH’s Fashion & Leather Goods Houses also use the facility.

In 2013, the platform processed around 1,600 metric tons of waste, reaching an average recycling rate of 88%, and was able to resell various materials (glass, cardboard, metal, plastic, alcohol and cellophane) to a network of specialist recyclers.

Source : @ LVMH


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