News published on: 24-07-2017

Since January the 1st 2016, Bouygues Immobilier, in partnership with Pur Projet, has launched a reforestation and economic development project, "Alto Huayabamba" in Peru. The signing of the purchase of an housing at the notary's office triggers the planting of a tree.

This voluntary positive contribution tends to fight global warming. This initiative enabled the planting of 13,113 trees in this agroforestry project in a year and a half.

Guillaume Jamet, Sustainable Development Manager, explains: "This operation is a success. Plantations enrich the soil, trap carbon and promote crop diversification. It is also a real vector of income for local communities. With our partner Pur Project, we ensure that the money invested makes it possible to actively develop communities in a sustainable and equitable way. This project also raises awareness and engages our employees internally in the fight against global warming. "


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